The Bold Expresso (For Cuppaz machines)


The Bold Expresso (For Cuppaz machines)

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A medium roast of Arabica coffees from the region Mogiana Paulista in the north of the state of São Paulo with low citric acidity and notes from walnuts, almonds, chocolate, and cocoa. The Bold Espresso is for real espresso lovers who like a nice intense coffee taste.  It'll energize you in the morning and make you feel alive.  After lunch or after dinner you can drink this espresso as well to feel a little rejuvenated. The seal of the Rainforest Alliance means that you are buying a product that supports a healthier planet and an improved quality of life for farming communities.  Being certified under this seal means that the farmers manage their land sustainably/responsibly.  It also means that we help protect the environment and ensure sustainable livelihoods. Each box contains 10 capsules.

Intensity of flavor: 3/5

Suggested Serving Size for Best Taste : 50ml