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TASTE is the perfect companion to the big KITCHEN product and as a combo, it brings your cooking to a completely new level. the four salt rocks truly look like gemstones on their own but also fit nicely together on the KITCHEN wood board making them a striking centerpiece of your food prep area. every rock originates from different parts of the world. they all have their own taste and consequently work great with different dishes


Kala namak salt – India

shimmering black rock salt with unique exotic fragrance and flavor, ideal for spicing Indian and oriental dishes, min 97% NaCI



Halt salt – Pakistan

crystal clear cubic rock salt, very intense natural salt taste, suitable for all everyday dishes, min 99% NaCl



Rose salt – Bolivia

pink rose quartz rock salt, mild-sweet taste, suitable for meat and vegetable dishes, min 98% NaCI



Alpine rock salt – Austria

visually striking red-brown rock salt, very intense taste, best used on dark meat dishes, min 87% NaCI



Total weight is about 240 grams