Domaine de Pierredon (Côtes du Rhone)

Cave d'Estézargues

Domaine de Pierredon (Côtes du Rhone)

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TLes Vignerons d'Estezargues is a southern French cooperative based in the village of Villeneuve-les-Avignon in the Gard region of the Rhone Valley. It was founded in 1965 and consists of 10 independent vignerons who farm a total of 420 hectares and who currently employ the services of the youthful but experienced Denis Deschamps to oversee the wine making.

This excellent coop is set apart by the fact that only 'natural' wine making procedures are adopted - no external yeasts, no fining, no enzymes, no sulphur and so on - all of which contribute to very precise and structured wines

Biodynamic Wine 

French organic certificate «AB»


As often is the case at our cave, the Syrah is the dominant grape and gives an imprint to this blending. The maceration of three weeks permits to give a slow and soft evolution of the wine. The temperature is around 20 degrees and the slow rhythm of remontages gives wine softness.

The pamphlet of the different grapes gives this blend a complex and rich structure. The aromas are black fruits, (blackberry and blueberry). They will be followed by spicy aromas, empyreumatique and sometimes touches of minerals. The wine is often full of fruit, the soft tannins gives roundness to the wine in mouth.

Serving Temperature

Red meat, game

Ageing Potential
4 Years