Piège à filles (Loire Natural Sparkling Wine - White)


Piège à filles (Loire Natural Sparkling Wine - White)

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The Domaine des Capriades which was founded by Pascal Potaire is particular in the sense that it makes only natural sparkling, its entire production is centered on these bubblies where, unlike for Champagne, nothing has been added to make the wine fizzy, no sugar, no dosage and no so2 (all the wines here have no added sulfites).

The natural sparkling, dubbed Pet'Nat or Pet-Nat in the wine milieu in France, has become over the years of the natural-wine version of a bubbly, some sort of light-hearted counterbalance of Champagne which even if it is regarded as a more respectable bubbly is much less natural beginning its widespread farming management.


The wine is aged in old barrels and then bottled when the fermentation has proceeded long enough for the resultant gas that forms in the bottle not to cause damage. The wine is then left with the bottles upside down as the fermentation continues in the bottle and the most of the remaining sugar is converted to alcohol..

The Piège à Filles Blanc Pétillant Naturel is a blend of organic Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The wine is made without any dosage (the addition of sugar) and also without the addition of any sulphur. It is possible to detect a tiny bit of residual sugar but it is at a level that makes the drink even more alluring. Remember that it is packaged in clear bottles and is sealed with a resealable Zork closure.

Serving Temperature

Rich fish, vegetarian dishes

Ageing Potential
5 Years