Première Cuvée Blanc (Provence)

Château La Coste

Première Cuvée Blanc (Provence)

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Adhering to biodynamic principles, Château la Coste strives to preserve the terroir, protecting its fertility, safeguarding the essence of the soil. The alchemy of blending lives on in a state of the art ‘cuverie’ designed by French architect Jean Nouvel and inaugurated with the grape harvest of 2008. This latest technology ensures the natural expression of the wine and brings new life to a long tradition.

In 2009 the wines were given the French organic label “AB” in recognition of the respect shown to the land along with the methods used which are in perfect harmony with nature. Since 2006, the lengthy task of restructuring the vineyard at Château La Coste has been undertaken by Matthieu Cosse. 

VERMENTINO                             60%
SAUVIGNON BLANC                 40%

Additive-free. Cultivation practices systematically comply with the principles of organic or biodynamic farming. Manual harvest. Use of indigenous yeast only. No intentional modification of the original constitution of the grape, therefore no use of rough and aggressive physical techniques. SOIL Clay-limestone. No chemical herbicides used in soil cultivation. French “AB” organic certificate awarded in 2009. Biodynamic farming since 1993.

A fine and complex nose of citrus and white fruits with hints of flowers. Round in the mouth. Fresh and lively, with a lovely fruity finish. 


Grilled food, spicy dishes

2-3 Years